How to Create a Data Center

To create a Data Center, follow these steps:

1.  Click Data Center on the header menu:

2. Click the Create button on the top right corner

3. The view below is where you can fill the following fields: NameCode (used as an internal reference), and the address details. Once you fill in the fields, click Create on the top right corner and your Data Center will be created.

4. The second tab is Overview. It enables you to upload PDF files as an overview of the Data Center, input the Uptime %Test IP Address, select the Data Center Tier, and write a Description:

5. The third tab is Highlights. Here, we can add multiple Data Center highlights with a maximum of 2500 characters for each:

6. The Features tab provides all features a Data Center can have:

7. The last tab is Resources. It can be used to add resources such as PDFWordPPT, and other file formats:

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