Online Ordering and Payment Methods

UCXmarket offers a simple process, buyer independence, and a no-contact buying experience. Our ordering methods are time-efficient, allowing sellers to automate their communication workflow and upgrade user experience.

These are the Online Ordering methods that can be done through our platform:

  1. UCX Payments
    This method allows buyers to execute payments directly through UCXmarket. We use the flexible toolchain Stripe so you can accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world, using all major cards including VISAMastercardDiscoverAmerican Express, and Maestro.

  1. Direct Deployment 
    This allows buyers to directly deploy your solutions via UCXmarket. To enable this method, sellers need to be S3 compatible. For example, Wasabi is among our partners who provide object storage that supports the S3 API and it helps ensure flexible integration, scalability, and simplicity.

  1. Request for Order
    This method serves for Referral Orders, where a product isn’t sold directly but is reserved by the buyer instead. Here, the buyer defines exactly what they want and you only have to deliver/activate that specified product for them. 

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