How to Create and Modify a Simple Product

In order to be able to create and modify a simple product, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a Provider Admin

  2. Locate and click Products.

  3. Next, you click Create.

Draft State is selected by default. Active and Suspended are also an option.

Sale and Referral are also selected by default. 

Sale means that the product will get shown on Shop, while Referral product means that users will “reserve” the product instead of buying it directly.

Virtual is checked for products that aren’t shippable.

Relations adds a new tab where users can add relations (See Creating a Relations).

Insert the Product Name, and fill in the mandatory fields including CategoryPriceUnitTypePayment Type, and Partner.

Type has three options:

  1. Stockable - used for products that have stock.

  2. Deploy - used for products that are deployable.

  3. Service - used for the one-time fee services.

After filling/ choosing the above-mentioned information, click Save.

Once the product is saved you can add the images and go on other tabs.

Images can be uploaded one at a time.

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