Adding Attributes to a Product

To add attributes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a Provider Admin

  2. Locate and click Products.

  3. Click the Attributes tab.

Users can only add attributes that have been previously added from this tab. In order for the user to create attributes, they have to add new attributes. To do so, they can go to the Attributes tab from the Left Menu or click on the Attributes List link on the attribute tab.

When you go to the Attributes tab you can click on the Create button and get redirected to this view:

Display Type has four options:

  1. Read - the attribute is only shown as read.

  2. Radio - the attribute is shown as a radio button.

  3. Select - the attribute is shown as a dropdown. 

  4. Radio color - the attribute is shown as a radio button with colors.

Label is the field where you add the label to the name of the attribute, for example, if the attribute name is Cores, we can add CPU as a label and CPU will be shown on Shop.

System means that the attribute will be a System Attribute, therefore all Providers will be able to use it. 

Visible defines if the attribute is visible on Shop or not. You can use this check for specific attributes that you want to be visible only on App.

Active defines if the attribute will get shown on Shop or not.


In order to create an attribute, you have to create a value first. 

Now we can go back to the Attribute tab and add an attribute from the existing attribute list.

Click on Add Attribute

You have to choose the attribute and the value in order for the user to be able to add an attribute.

This is how the view looks after an attribute has been chosen.

This is a Simple Product sample and now you can Preview or Duplicate this product before deciding to go Active with it.

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