Adding a Storage Bucket

To successfully add a storage bucket, watch the following video:

Or you can follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Navigate to the products catalog and find the Storage category.

  2. From the filters on the left part of the screen, under the Brand field, find Wasabi.

  3. Click on the Hot Cloud Storage product card. 

  4. Select the quantity, and click Deploy now.

  5. Fill in the payment method and billing information.

  6. Choose a unique Bucket Name

  7. Click Confirm and Deploy on the top right corner.

  8. The following view shows the storage buckets you have deployed. Select the bucket where you want to add your files. 

  9. Click on Create a Folder on the following page, and name your folder.

  10. Select the created folder, and click on Upload.

  11. From the pop-up on the right-hand side, click on Select File or Select Folder and choose the file or folder from your computer to upload.

  12. After your file is uploaded, you can click on the three vertical dots to ViewDownload, or Delete. 

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